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About Us

Ambarella Beauty is a skin and hair care company dedicated to nourishing all types of skin and hair.

My love for these products started during my high school days in Kenya, when my aunt would send me body cream that she made from shea butter, coconut oil, and other essential oils. When my aunt passed away, I began to make my own creams, experimenting with many different essential oils and other natural ingredients.

We take our name from the Ambarella fruit (the golden plum), a sour fruit that grows in Liberia and can be made into delicious jams and sauces.

Ambarella Beauty brings the wisdom of Africa’s natural healing ingredients back to the US in the form of our luxurious skin and hair products.

Our natural oils, skin creams, hair puddings, and body scrubs are all handmade. Our lemon, carrot and ginger oils protect, restore and give your skin radiant and glowing look after each use. We are proud of our products..

This hobby became a passion, and Ambarella Beauty was born. I hope you enjoy these products as much I do.

Follow us at @ambarellabeauty to learn more about Ambarella Beauty and stay up to date with our products!